Easy DOF in Animation (help)

Over my holidays I’m working on a short hover craft racing film, basically its a few hovercrafts trying to blow each other up on a highway. But I want to add some DOF to my animation to give it that little bit extra. For still images I use a technique of a tutorial I read a while back where you parent the camera to an empty inside the object that should be in perfect focus and then rotate a few degress around it and then render with Motion Blur On. Thats fine in still but how do I do it in animations. I also am using Blender Internal renderer and do not wish to use Yafray.

Thanks in advance

Zblur is your friend :wink:


or deepblur


I would say to do it post-pro instead. For that you really need to render a depth map that is supported by other software. The advantage is you can change the level/position of blur really quickly without rendering again.