easy intuitive rigging and animation?

I always thought the Blender animation system isn’t too hard, but after watching this clip I have to rethink the whole thing.

It would be great having such an intuitive and easy to use animation and rigging system blender.

Or is there such a function which I don’t know of?

I’m refering to minute 3:00 in this clip:


I would love to see this in the bge.

Holy bajeeberz, that looks amazing. I would love to see that in action in BGE.

That video is actually really old. This video of a later (but still old) version will blow you away:

Dang! Amazing!

I wonder if it would be possible to incorporate something like NaturalMotion’s Euphoria (was used in GTA IV and V, not sure about any others) into the BGE.

That guy is a genius!

If I recall correctly, there’s direct access to bones via Python, so to a certain extent some of what’s presented is possible. There’s was a Zelda thread recently on here, where someone had programmed semi-procedural/procedural animations.

I don’t think we can rig things in that manner though : 1