Easy Loop (to speed up animation workflow)

Hey guys this is just an idea to create something which is useful for the community

I created a simple image to show what i have in my mind ,
Easy loop will add our existing selected pose lib in a loop cycles
it means suppose we have added blink poses in poselibrary .

blink1- open eyes
blink2- half close eyes
blink 3 - close eyes
blink4 - antic

now we should have to add this four poses in the easyloop, after adding poses ,
it should have to save it as a preset for future use

then as this image , it will add this poses one by one after every 5 frames ,
then after one cycles as per animate panel in the image it should leave 10 frames and add another loop with 5frame gap on each poses
it should repeat it 2 times as per repeat value in the image

i think this require lots of hard coded stuff and donno if its possible or not , but it will give animation system more scope , like animating run,walk , even vowels , and blinks , will become very easy

let me know what do you think about it