easy normal mapping

Ive tried some normal mapping experiments, Ive yet to really follow a tutorial, but they all seem to be baking from high to low, and require both meshes.

I just wanted to know if its possible to just make normals for use later, without requiring the second mesh?

first image I tried to bake normals, set to tangent i think, but nothing showed up.

second, tried changing to camera, that showed up but the wrong colours.

then i tested it and it was kinda rubbish, even blenders “get normals from texture” button was better. maybe cos its wrong colour? can i just change them in photoshop or am i doing it wrong.

red - displaced geometry,
green - generated normal map
blue - pressing the “nor” button in map to, without a normal map.

Well I think my idea worked, but I dont know if it will be good normal map.

I just laid blue over the green image, and it made normal looking map.

I had the same problem with “blue” map :slight_smile: (tangent baked normal map). Solution is selection low and high poly like here: