Easy question about rotation on an object around itself

This is probably one of the easiest question ever, but my mind is literally exploding.
How can i rotate this object around itself when it is flipped in horizontal (-90Y)?
I mean rotate arount itself around the axis parallel to the ground… like a z rotation but in horizontal.
this is some of the rotations i’ve tried that should not be as the result i’d like to have
Thank y’all and sorry for the question! :slight_smile:

You’ll probably want local rotation- press R and then press a direction twice (i.e. X > X) to switch to local rotation. You can also reset the rotation with Ctrl A, which will return your axis to what they were before the -90y rotation

but why when i use it with keyframes it happens this?

Because you’re using Euler rotation instead of Quaternion rotation- for best results, switch your rotation from XYZ Euler to Quaternion


thanks man, getting to the solution faster! just a mess quaternion since i-ve never used them, the only thing i can-t figure out is how to make more spins arount itself. i mean with euler i would have make a 720 rotation and not a 360 on z z axis, here i cannot do that.

i mean to make it rotate more times, the make cycle stuff does not work here

I think you have to key-frame in 180º steps.

thanks buddy, but there are not degrees

You can type degrees(180) in the x rotation field.

I think the best way to do this is to make a one bone rig. Keyframe the can toppling over by keframing the entire rig (in object mode), and once at the floor angle keyframe the bones rotation in pose mode (you can do this in degrees no problem)

Here is an example I presume you want the can fall down and roll. For all the rotations and locations EXCEPT the local x rotation or the can while rolling, I key-framed the entire armature in object mode.
The local x rotation of the can while rolling is done Key-framing the bones rotation in pose mode.

Tube.blend (135.8 KB)

I know it is a bit complex but it is much easier to animate with a rig as bones use local rotation.
You can move your objects around the world and rotate them and the bones stay “local”

I could not resist making it look nicer, I have updated the file. I added a bit more movement to the can (key-framing the whole armature, only the x rotation “roll” is done in pose mose) and simple materials.

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