"easy" question: correctly setting timeline START and END with multiple animations?

Hi all,

I have a simple file with a few animations, and I just realized that blender is NOT saving the START and END timeline frames values correctly, per each animation, but only saves the last values i’ve set (i.e. the ones relative to the last animation).

So I want to understand if i’m messing something up.
How do you correctly save start and end frames per each animation in the action editor?
As of now if I change animation in the action editor, the start and end frames values in the timeline don’t change, even if the animations have clearly different end frames.

As a consequence, when I export these files, the animations result incorrectly terminated, and don’t loop as they should.

Is this a bug, or simply an incorrect usage?


Seems strange that I’m having this issue in 2.49 too.
Is there nobody using multiple animations per mesh with blender? that’s just stupid!