Easy question.. Please help though lol

For most anyway.
I’m very new to all this lark lol but i have watched all of the basic tutorial videos needed to get the basics of it… the problem is, I just don’t know how to animate what i have created :confused: My goal is to make a Jellyfish swim/float around in a nice sea environment, no matter how long it takes lol It’s just something i really want to do. Anyway if anyone at all can help me out with this simplest of problems and maybe some tips for what I’m trying to achieve , that would be fantastic.

Can we see what you have created? Do you have a model ? I think lattice rig would be good for a jelly fish. That’s what I think.

Thanks for the reply mate. This is basically what i tried to make, just something simple to get the grasp of it really.
Just scroll down the page a bit. I couldn’t seem to understand the lattice part is all.

I have the 2.62 version so It’s a little bit different to what it’s telling me… and it’s in German haha

fish thing.blend (499 KB)The lattice is very easy. Just add lattice. Push the modifiers button ( wrench ) find lattice add, in the object box select the object to be deformed by the lattice. when you tab edit the lattice the object will deform. select some verts of the lattice and ctrl h add hook to new object. Then you can deform the object and animate it easy. S scale g grab
gettin sleepy hope you understand all

Sorry lol I am honestly trying my best to understand this but i didn’t expect to get it in a day.
So i got all the basics down, hot keys, simple movement animation and now the lattice (thanks for that)
now i just can’t animate the the object if you know what i mean? I click the object in object mode, press I then select locrotscale…i think that’s the one i select, then i edit the lattice to deform the object, once it is deformed i go back to object mode, press i and locrotscale… nothing happens though?? When i press play it just goes past all the key frames i inserted.

I’ll keep messing with it.

Actually i did come across another way to deform it… weather or not it’s the way i am supposed to be doing it i don’t know lol
You have the object, put the lattice next to the object and then pass the object through the lattice to deform it.