Easy question "Un-solved"

It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve touched blender and I missed it a lot :P. Happy to be back in group but I’ve model some character’s and I’ve hit a snag. After finishing my model I join both of the sides together. But when I use the glsl and import all maps the lighting on one half of the model looks completely thrown of. I mean one side would be darker then the other what method was used to fix this again? I would really appreciate it.

~ Thank you in advance. Death

perhaps two lights, or one mesh instead of two, or one half of the mesh with a mirror deformer on it?

try recalculating normals ctrl+n maybe that wud help.
attaching a thumbnail or .blend file cud help others to fix ur problem more quickly.

Yeh that sounds like a normals issue to me too, you can check them in edit mode if you click on the show normals button which in 2.50 is in the properties shelf (took me ages to find :/) Welcome back btw :slight_smile:

You could also check to make sure they both have the same material applied to them.

First un-select every vertex while in edit mode.

Go to the edit tab, then in the “Links and materials” box, under “Material” and click select. If every vertex becomes selected, you’re good. If not, report back.