Easy selection in UV Window?

Hi, I’m new to blender but I used to work with 3dsmax.

I have some problems with overlayered meshes in the UV mode. In 3dsmax I could select the whole single object, or select a face and maximize the selection (like strg +). But STRG + doesnt work in the UV Window. Do I have alternative ways for easy selectioning in UV mode?

If you select one vertex and press “L” all linked vertices will be selected. This works in the editor as well.

A second option is to select a vertex and press CTRL plus the ‘+’ on the numeric keypad. This gradually increases the selection by adding the nearest vertices.

Just to clarify a bit on the “L”. You do not have to first select a vertex to use “L”, just be near the vertex. If you select a vertex, and want to be sure to expand the selection for only that UV island and not accidentally select some other island whose vertex is close by, then use Control-L to select the linked vertices.

Even better, in the UV editor, right next to the pivot selection you’ll find “keep UV and Edit Mode Selection in synch”
If you turn this on, you can select either in editmode and the same things are selected in UV mode, or vice versa.
Works also with hide, so you can just select in editmode and hide portions of the mesh and the UV is hidden as well, or again, vice versa.