easy somewhat realistic banner?

see the file. the banner is just a cube - how do i get it to wave just a little.
just a little cos the text has to be readable.
yes i tried cogs site-but i could not begin to understand it or there was no clear way of reducing the wave effect.
thanks all

using softbodies would work for that - maybe just have a few emptys and move them around a little bit

the only softbodies i know about are human!
what do i do re blenders softbodies?

you won’t be able to get it to loop using softbodies. try taking an image into GIMP and applying a ‘wave’ ( wave or ripple or something, i can’t remember ) effect. I think it’s under ‘animation wizards’ or something.

C’mon guys there must be somebody who understands cogs blender programs!

iirc Cog used Displacement Textures (which you’ll only see at rendertime) and because they use either White or Black (Disp button yellow) values to displace you can reduce the wave effect by reducing the Contrast.

Here’s a simple way to do it with a Displacement Modifier in 2.43:


To change (reduce) the effect change the Strength value. To change the Mapping (direction the waves travel) rotate the Empty Object. Your Plane Object must have lots of subdivision so there are enough verts to be displaced. (Ignore the texture called Tex, I didn’t bother packing it).


thanks again for your help

what makes it move across the screen- there is no path!

When you open the file you’ll see the Loc IPO’s on the Object (LocX changes the Location). You can also just Grab the Empty and move it around to see the same effect.


Hi anon125,

Only just noticed this post so I may be a little late in responding. However, the techniques I used in my simple flag creation will probably give what you are after. The tutorial at my website is a quick one so detailed explanations are avoided which might not be ideal for those that don’t have all the underlying knowledge. However, I included a much more detailed explination in my BSOD (Blender Summer of Documentation) tutorial on Materials and textures in Blender.


It also explains how the texture can be easily repeated. Also take a look at these 2 movies which show how its used.