Easy Texture VS Lower Poly Count

Hi! I remember asking the same question before but was not really happy about the answer. So here I am asking about again. Sorry! When creating something like a room or even a Skyscape. I did a quick scan through the book “Making A Game Demo” and notice that in the chapter on “designing levels” that it build a square plane with textures and till it from there, which means that there will be more vertex. I know that its easier to build but would it add up more vertex and slow down the game play? Why not just have one big plane and do texture tile mapping on it? Do most level designer create the levels like this?

Developers do try to keep the polygon count as low as possible. but sometimes texture tiling doesn’t always fulfill the artists’ need.

But frankly, a 2-triangle ground place vs a 512triangle ground place doesn’t differ much in performance. Also, a 512triangle ground place has nicer looking mist and lighting in blender. (due to the way vertex fog/lighting works.)

Huh? I don’t understand this. Is there a example to better understand this?

why not just try for your self and see if you can spot the differences.