[easy tutorial] Using steering to set up a 2D Camera

I haven’t seen this method being used so decided to share. This is a very easy tutorial to set up a 2D camera using Steering. This setup is ideal for 2D games (where the player is locked to 2 dimensions) made in blender, where someone might not want to use python (which is why it is simple). The objective is to essentially create a slow-parent camera, but with a bit more control.

  • Move your camera to a preferred location and rotate it to face the default cube. Parent the camera to the cube.
  • Add a property to your “Player” object which will identify it as the player (e.g. “player”)
  • Select the cube and edit the physics settings from the physics panel. Set it to “No Collision” and “Invisible” to prevent it from getting in the way of your game physics.
  • Add a Near sensor and invert the output. Set the property to that of the object you want to follow (“player”). Edit the distances to your preference.
  • Link the Near sensor to a Steering actuator. Set the behavior to “Seek” and the target object to your player object (e.g. “player”). Disable facing or the camera will orient itself to your player’s orientation. Customize the rest of the settings to your preference.

Note: The cube can be replaced with any object you want. An empty works well.

Hope this was useful. ^^

See the screenshot attached for logic setup: