Easy UDIM Texture Node

the node is optimized for zbrush (multi map exporter) baked textures :slight_smile: (but changing the names etc is very easy)

blend file/textures: https://www.dropbox.com/s/00ru5mmmvq8rw9f/udim_node_nudelZ.zip?dl=0
edit: omg wrong forum section…

this OSL right? that means that I can’t use this with my GPU and the render will be super slow in general?


that means that I can’t use this with my GPU


and the render will be super slow in general?

slow compared to what?

this node is for scenes with a large amount of textures that you can’t render with SVM or CPU/GPU

my demo scene (statue) has 51 4k textures with SVM you’d need over 13GB ram just for the textures…

SVM texture rendering is super fast yes but that doesn’t help you if you can’t render your scene :wink:

ok, thanks! :smiley:

I know that osl makes the render slower.


Thank you very much for this.

I was looking for a way to apply a set of textures with the udim tag in blender and i found your addon.

Is there a chance for you to make something like this but to work with out the need of osl?


OK, i edited my post because i found out the other answers.:wink: , i just want to know please the question about doing a variation of the addon.

unfortunately it’s not possible with SVM - UDIM is possible of course but then you have to load ALL!! the textures manually and that’s a no go with more than 10 textures

ah ok, thanks for the answer, hopefully blender and cycles specifically will have support for UDIM textures in the future.

don’t count on it - faster OSL would be better :slight_smile: how much slower is your scene with OSL enabled?

If i just enable OSL with out adjusting anything it goes from 1 min 33 sec to 4 min 51 sec. But this is with out using your node, i try to use your node with my geometry but it does not work. I put a folder with the 19 textures tiles, 9 in the first column (1001 to 1009) and 10 the upper column (1011 to 1019) in the same folder where the geometry and the blend file is and then i emulate what you have in the example scene but the geo renders black.

you have to specify a path in the node (if its the same folder just use /// or so) and a name (name of the texture) example would be mytexture-DM1001.exr name = mytexture type = “-DM” (i use the standard zbrush “udim” names) udim number should work out of the box and the last one is the extension 1 = .tx 2 = .exr 3 = .tif (theres no jpg or png support etc - could be its easy ;))

Yes, i did all that. What happens is that i had an issue with the texture files, now is working properly:cool:. Thanks man.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hey nudelZ !
I tested your solution and I’ve got an issue :
When I set the displacement value to 1 in your shader, it is too strong. (And I can’t put 0.5 for instance).

In multimap exporter I have theses values :

Did you see anything wrong ?

thanks in avance !

the strength of the displacement has nothing to do with my node just add a multiply node - done! :slight_smile:

i guess you want to use this map as a bump map not as a real displacement map?

btw 0 means disabled and 1 means enabled :slight_smile:

Thanks I will use a multiply node then :slight_smile:
i want to use it as a real Displacement map, but in your exemple the strenght was right without multiplying thing so… ;D


yes theres a reason for that :slight_smile:

use 32 bit displacement not 16 bit (its outdated!) (32 bit is easier and sometimes more accurate)

a few tips :slight_smile:

check your mesh in zbrush:

save your tool :wink:
switch to lvl 1
press reproject subdiv
check the mesh if everything is ok then normal displacement will work

settings for the disp baker:

adaptive on
smooth uv on is okey
midlvl 0
32 bit on
exr or tif doesnt matter
and the important one SCALE 10 - if you bake with scale 1 then you need to multiply the displacement by 10 in blender!

theres another way with vector displacement and displace modifier (youtube its in german)

Thanks you so much for theses useful tips :slight_smile:

Hey nudelZ,
I’ve got a question for you :wink:
How did you find the number 10 for the scale ?
It’s working fine for my model but I suppose it depends on the size of the object ?

PS : Is there any quality loss if I put Scale to 1 in the MME and then adjust it with a multiply node in blender ?

… a lot of experimenting :slight_smile: but its also in the code somewhere (cant find it at the moment)

the size doesnt matter its a scaling factor in cycles for whatever reason ^^
i dont think theres a huge difference but i would bake it with scale 10 - saves a few instructions :slight_smile:

Thank you for your explanations :slight_smile: