easy UV question? I think.

I new to Blender. I have two UV mapping questions that I think are easy, but I can’t figure out what is wrong. In the Picture 1, The alpha channel on the tree branch is not working. In Picture 2, I’m making mapped a sky to a half sphere. It shows up correctly in the 3D window. but doesn’t render correct. Can anyone help?


Alpha value - Your screenshot does not show the important info.
In the material settings you need to enable Transparency and set the alpha value to zero. In the texture panel you need enable the Alpha in the Influence panel.

Does picture 1 render correctly? If so you need to go to the object tab and enable transparency under the ‘Display’ group. Blender does not display all material property’s in 3D view to reduce system reasorce usage.

For image 2 are you using an object to display the sky? If it is too far away from the camera it will not be visible. If that’s the problem select the camera and in the camera tab (Property’s window) under ‘Camera’ group, increase End value for Clipping, or move the object closer to the camera.

Thanks. Richard. I knew it was something simple. It’s still showing the the geometry in the shadow instead of the image. I’m trying to fix now. any thoughts? Thanks again.

Thanks for the alpha help JR. As far as the second example, I did try the clipping and moving the camera closer. No change at all. That is the geometry and map showing up, but it’s all blurred. I did a few distance tests on the camera. I’v added two more screenshots of this problem to show the setup. picture 5 is from below looking up.(to show grid)


For to get correct shadows you need to check Shadow - Receive Transparent on Materials tab for ANOTHER object, ground, walls, whatever where shadow falls.
Camera - check Display - Limits. Cross on yellow line shows where limit is.
Have you checked UV mapping for Sphere? That needs to be uv unwrapped first.

Thanks Eppo. I never thought to check how the floor receives shadows. I thought it was a problem with the alpha channel, or the use of it. I spent 3 whole days on this.

with the second. I unwrapped it using “Sphere Projection”. i put up a screenshot. I checked the limits, and the sphere is well within camera limits, but past the mist.(if that makes a difference)


It had been long time misunderstanding with me too, this shadow thing :). Concerning background sphere, best could be if you just post a file here. Make new one, just sphere and camera. Oh, and try to delete top vertex, It’s making a mess anyhow.

Thanks again Eppo. Here’s the file. I did a new sphere and deleted, the top vertex, and the sphere unwrapped nicely. i took out some geometry and maps to get the file size down. It still has the same problem. That’s okay. If you can’t figure it quickly, I’m sure I fix it eventually. I’m just glad the alpha issue is fixed.:smiley:


reststop.blend.zip (135 KB)

Set sphere UV mapping in Texture panel to Flat. Your image is flat when you see it like 2d, it’s not distorted…as if it would be say if it was globe wrap image…if it makes sense…

Awesome. I guess I have to learn to try everything. I never would have thought that flat would work better than sphere. I hope I can help someone as much soon. Thanks again Eppo, and everyone.