easy way to find misplaced weight paint?


I made a human and it moves perfectly. Only one little glitch. The tip of the thumb must be assigned to another bone or something because it kinda moves a bit but also stays in place when I move the arm or the hand. I tried to find the bone it is assigned to by putting the thumb in one window and then click through all the bones in the other wino. unfortunately I couldn’t detect the prob.
Is there any other possibility you can think of? Either to find the bone or the reason for the prob if it is another one?



Have you tried rotating the arm so the few vertices that don’t follow the thumb bone get left behind, and weight painted them to the thumb bone, with ‘add’ selected in the weight paint tool panel to correct the problem?

You can also look for what vertex group the offending vetices belong to and remove them from the groups they shouldn’t belong to: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Manual/Modeling/Meshes/Vertex_Groups#Finding_Groups_for_a_Vertex

Hope this helps

The problem doesn’t occur at the thumb bone itself. I cleaned and repainted it several times. And it works fine. The glitch occurs when I rotate the arm bones.

If you go into edit mode of your mesh, and choose the vertex sub panel, you will see all of your bones’ vertex groups. There is an option to “SELECT ALL” vertices of a group. You can work your way down the bones and see what vertices are being selected when you select the bones.

Be prepared to see a bunch of vertices associated that you are surprised about…

Wow, incredible! You were so right about the surprise!!!
Thanks a lot, mate!

Can I also delete some of them? I tried deselecting them and then press assign…didn’t work actually…

edit: sorry, got it - remove :wink: