Easy way to make holes ?

Is there an easier or automatic way to make a hole in a surface or surfaces , using either a circle or cylinder please? or is it a case of doing it manually lie I do ?

thanks, Ed.:smiley:


Boolean (modifier) is the “automatic” way, but sometimes it gets confused. In that case you can first boolean and then fix problem areas manually.

Thanks, I will have to read up on that , not used it before , still learning .

Thank you too for your useful information Krice… Helped me…

Edmund, if you can avoid booleans they are pretty messy.
There are several ways to do that, have a look at these tutorials:

If the object has a flat surface, this is what you can do.

First, subdivide the object at least 5 times. Next, highlight a section of the mesh you are planing to cut out, bring the cursor to the selection, and delete them. Highlight the cavity that you created, bring the cursor to the selection, and in Mesh Tools, press the To Sphere button and press ok. There’s the hole where you can do any thing you want to it.

Quick and dirty method: delete a face, add Subsurf!


Its almost the same way as @ XeroShadow.