Easy way to rotate everything to one axes?

I’m trying to lay all the individual bits of this house flat so I

can export as svg and laser cut all the bits.

Screenshot (6)

Is there an easy way, because I’m struggling , as you can see.

Add a big plane where all parts can be placed on. Turn on snapping on face and check align rotation to target.
Delete the solidify modifier, select and move a face it should lay on the big plane.

You can also try and turn on the addon “Paper model”, it will lay all parts down in a .pdf or .svg file.

I’ve been trying to snap all the bits to a plane, but the rotation angles and origins are all messed up, so I’m finding it really hard.

There must be some sample python code available to automate this process, or a way of snapping the face to face without gaps caused by strange x,y,z rotations?

Upload your file so we can check the problem.

These are what I have so far:

house_3mm_ply_4_LAY FLAT.blend (1.1 MB)

I also need to use the top of the piece that is off the plane, as my laser cutter can only cut perpendicular.

It is easier if you delete the solidifier modifier, not apply it. So you eliminate one dimension as error source. For the cutting you dont need the thickness afiak.
Without thickness you can use the “Paper model” addin.

If you want to do it manually to it in steps:

  • first rotate the pieces, make sure to restrict the angle or make it in orthograpic view
  • create the plane to lay on the pieces, you can uncheck selection of this plane in the outliner, so you dont select it accidantly
  • from top view you can now snap the pieces together, if you want align the pieces togehter activate faca/edge/vertex snap
    sometimes it can be a bit tricky if you dont used to it, the align considers height and grab point and direction,
    make sure all tile above the plane, and place the mouse in the direction you will move the piece
  • the tiltes pieces can be rotated manually which should be ok if you do it from orth view

or with this way