Easy way to set object position relative to other objects?

Just what it says.

Ex: I have a wall, with a doorway, a ceiling, baseboards, and some stairs on the side. I am trying to place some electrical outlets, some wall hangings, etc, and place them accurately from measurements I am making.

Now, the measurements in total are all a little bit off. But, relative to each other, they are on. So, as an example, I would like to place my electrical outlet 30cm to the left of the doorway, and 33cm down from the ceiling.

Is there any way to do this more efficiently than the way that I am? Currently, to place my electrical outlet, I am having to go into Edit Mode for the doorway, capturing the X-coord of its left edge (or placing the 3d cursor), leaving edit mode, going into edit mode for my electrical outlet, capture the X-coord of its right edge, place the 3D cursor on my outlet, calculate the X-difference between my outlet origin and that X-coord of its right edge, leave edit mode, and then finally change the electrical outlet’s overall X-coordinate to:

(X(left edge of doorway)) - ((X(elec. outlet’s origin)) +(X(elec. outlet’s right edge vertices)))

This seems like just an unnecessarily large amount of small steps. Especially to place many objects this way.

Is there any way to short cut this? Any add-ons anyone is aware of to streamline this process?

Any advice would be EXCEPTIONALLY appreciated! Thank you!

I’d place the origin of the outlet on its top right most vert, then assuming there is a vert where the doorway meets the ceiling I’d snap move the outlet to that vert. Then G > Z > .33 and then G > X > .30

If there’s not vert where the door meets the ceiling then I’d do individual axis snaps to the vertical edge of the door and then horizontal edge of the roof and then Then G > Z > .33 and then G > X > .30

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