EasyCanvas, an astropad alternative for windows, does not have pen pressure blender

Hey i have an iPad pro, a beautiful device indeed, but i don’t have a mac as i am unable to afford one powerful enough to run blender. So for an astropad alternative i found easy canvas and it works wonderfully, except blender where pen pressure from apple pencil isn’t recognised. Is there a solution or should i contact blender support? It shows as generic hid compilant pen in device manager

I just tried this and it works amazingly well with almost no lag. You need to change the input type in Blender settings from Wintab to Windows Ink for the pressure detection to work. It’s basically the Apple Pen on a powerful Windows machine using Blender. If you have a recent iPad with Apple Pen, this seems an extremely powerful combo. It works with USB connection, haven’t tried yet if USB extension cords work. There’s even a free trial to see if it works for you without having to buy first. A+