easyEmit - *Update* 13.06.2013

Thanks or sharing, I almost thought there is nothing to download( hidden text).
Great job.

You are welcome BlendingBGE!

I have updated the file. I have integrated frustum culling now! You can enable/disable it for each emitter. And you can also set a radius for it!simply try it out by pressing up or down arrows to move the emitter on the left out of the view. You will notice, that the emitter will be disabled when it is out. By disabling nothing happens for the emitter. It will still run when you cannot see it.


Nice effects, easy to use, and quite beautiful!..what are you waiting for?
Thank you very much for your effort!

I firstly tested them on a pretty good laptop,the Logic % it’s quite big, anyway I am waiting for updates.
Good job so far,love the GUI.

@ BlendingBGE
yeah… thats true… the logic is quite high… The reason is, that there are some operations that are done. Each particle has a calculation in color, movement, scaling, fade in and out…
I will look into this… But I don’t know if I can improve it that much!

Hi thanks for making the particle system for blender and sharing. The interface of the particle system is very easy to understand. It will be nice if it has particle preset settings or create our own preset settings to speed up the workflow. Is it possible to make the weapons trail effect using your particle system like the the images below


No, those aren’t particle trails, but polygonal trails. I’m not sure of the process to make them, but I would imagine that it would deal with moving vertices of a strip shaped mesh in a trail, following an object with Python. There was an example here that dealt with it, but it’s not updated for Blender 2.6.

Really Amazing ndee!
I round of optimization can be done in logic step in future but it’s really a great job!
Congrats an thanks for share :smiley:

beautiful ^^ The add-on is immensely helpful.

Rather than using an update button, try using the update parameter
in the arguments for IntProperty or most other properties you can add an “update=updatefunc” e.g

def update_host(self, context):
        enabled = self.host_enable
scene.host_enable = BoolProperty( name="Host Game", 
                       description = "Create logic for host connection", 
                       default=False, update=update_host )

you are welcome vitorbalbio :slight_smile: I am glad you like it. Yep… I will try to optimize it a bit more. I have already some ideas in mind. We will see if it will work out!

yeah… I am glad this makes the job easier for you :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I get you right. At the moment I have to sets of properties. On the one Hand the UI Props that you can adjust, and on the other hand my game properties. With your update function I can automatically set the game properties to my ui properties?
I have to try it tomorrow! Thanks for your input! This will increase the usability! I often forget to apply the values! :slight_smile:

Awesome… I just tested it agoose77! I works great! Thank you very much for your tip! :slight_smile:

I’m doing my UI, and i was thinking that there must be a better way!

Wonderful work! Thanks :slight_smile: Please make an addon.

thank you. Addon is definately on the scope. It isn’t hard to achieve. After some polishing I am going to set it up as an addon.

I have now added live editing for all paramters… so there is no apply needed anymore!
And a few changes for frustum culling. So you don’t need to set it up for your camera… everything runs in the emitter itself.
Emission Range is now visualized via the size of the emitter. If you change the emission range your object is scaled to the size in which the emitter emits the particles.

Here you can try it out!

Ok… I am happy to anounce the first addon testversion!
Just install the easyEmit.zip file in your user preferences!

Turn on GLSL shading.
change your renderer to “Blender Game”, select a meshobject and go to the “Particles” in the properties panel.
Now just press “Create Particle System” and everything should work fine!
On the last layer a basic set of particles gets created.
If you want to use easyEmit with the blenderplayer.exe you need to pack the textures into the blendfile, and place the emitter.py in the same folder as your blendfile is…

I hope you can test the addon. For my windows machine I am currently using, everthing works fine so far. It could be that there will appear path problems. Just report it then!

small Update
Here you go:easyEmit.zip (56 KB)

Have fun,

I had path problems on linux.
I am not not a coder at all.
To get script work; I had to change lines 824 and 825 to :

   filename = os.path.dirname(__file__) + '/easyEmit' + "/" + name + '.png'
   filename2 = dir[0] + '/addons/easyEmit' + "/" + name + '.png

And I had to give capital letters to images names.

hmm… thats what I thought ^^
I have to test it at home… Need to install linux again :smiley:

Thanks for the report zeauro

Great add-on, Ndee!:wink:
Tested in version 2.61beta and the color settings (start and end) are not working. Only the white color appears.:no:
Sorry my English (google translator).:spin:
Screenshot of the blender running add-on:

thank you firefox.jco :slight_smile:
this has to do with the multitexture mode.(I think it is a blender bug)
Press N than go down to display, and set the shading mode from multitexture to glsl! Then it should work fine!

I don’t know why object color does not work in multitexture mode. Does anyone know why this is happening? I have found a thread of Solarlune where this was discovered as a bug. But I have heard it was fixed already? Does someone have some more infos?

thank you eddy! I will definately try it!!!

I really appreciate your help guys! Thank you very much!