Eau de parfum.


Click thumbnail to view, then resize in bottom right corner of the image.

This was rendered before I changed my studio lighting setup, so forgive me if it’s not all that good. 9hrs @ 800x600 Samples 17.54 of 25.

Dax Studio ‘Aiko’ character, posed in Dax Studio and exported to Blender 2.4 for refinement and to create the thickness to the glass. Exported to 3DSMax as vmrl for texturing, then rendered in Maxwell render.

These take so long to render at the moment as this is still Maxwell Render beta, so rather than not show the renders I’m calling them finished for the moment.
The new RC version is quicker, but it’s not released yet.

C&C welcomed as always.



wow, this image looks like photographed!!! The glass is awesome, but the material of the cap is not as good as the glass.

so real :smiley:

Ohhh, having fun with that renderer? Looks really cool. Doesn’t Maxwell Renderer come with a little program were you can setup a scene?

Very nice, sonix. I’d say, lose the bikini and make the lid into her head (keeping the “brushed” metal shader for it), make the liquid inside a litle more distinguishable, and you’ll have a truly sweet image. Great as is, tho! I love the output of Maxwell!

Interesting project, Sonix, and really nice results.

Some AA sharpness seems to occur at the top and bottom edges of the cap. Maybe a little more bevelling there could heal that.

That is some massive render time, but as you say that should improve with the next version :slight_smile:


Thankyou for the comments.

The new version of Maxwell does have a scene setup, but it’s not fully functional and has not been released due to bugs. You import your scene/model into M~R studio and then use the M~R material editor, which is unrivalled in 3D atm. Then render from there. These are renders from the beta version, which is very different to the studio version.

I have RC1-4 but they don’t work correctly, RC5 should be released soon.

I do need to rework the cap material and due to optimisation for the web, there are too many aa artifacts. I’ll fix this with a better render over the weekend.

Render times will hopefully drop, fingers crossed, but I can’t say by how much until I get the next RC version.


Why do all Maxwell Render renders have the (dare I say “annoying”) logo and plug for their renderer at the bottom? Do the artists get a discount in trade for always displaying the logo? Or is it like wearing brand-name clothing?

Its for cpy rights so people cant steal your work.

It’s for inclusion in the Maxwell gallery on the Maxwell render site. It’s like Ton asking all artwork submitted to the Blender3D.org gallery, to have the Blender logo on it.

If any are used for promotional purposes, they don’t need to change the images in any way.

I’ve not had chance to work on this, due to other projects, but I will sort the cap out and improve certain bits.



You nailed it, friend! :slight_smile:

Really good, Sonix.
I saw similar materials rendered with Yafray but the beauty of maxwell is quite clear here.
Maxwell comes with physical lighting possibilities.
Does this mean you can make different daytime simulations on the fly or do you still need HDRI type images?

Thanks. Maxwell uses a physical sky system with sunlight. You can ‘dial’ in any latitude & longditude values for the world, then change the time of day to suit. No clouds as yet though.

There’s also a skydome lighting option instead of the physical sky, or you can use emitters to light a scene.