Ebay sucks

Hello people. Almost a week ago I put up for sale my Acer Aspire 5050 laptop. That very night someone bought it. Or at least, I thought someone bought it. I was very happy, and thought the worst of my troubles were over.

See, earlier this semester, the office needed verification from me in the form of a physical copy of dad’s 1040. My dad filed his taxes online, and due to some computer problem, lost his copy. He had to get the IRS to send him a new one - but it took two months. In that time, I had already withdrew from my classes and found a new job.

Then he received it a couple weeks ago. I figured hey! I can go back to school!

Not so fast.

Apparently, I have to pay 50% of the tuition costs from that botched semester before I can register again. If I don’t pay it by final exams, it goes to a collection agency, and I can’t come back next semester. If I don’t come back by next semester, six months will have passed, and FASFA can start billing me for the loans I received from them since 2005. Returning to school and my old job would become impossible. I’d be relegated to flipping burgers at minimum wage for a long long time.

I don’t want that. And luckily, I had some money saved up to buy a car. Unfortunately, I’m still $700 short. I figured if I sold my laptop, it would be easier to make the difference.

But no, selling shit on eBay is not easy. Every - single - time, you will get some con artist ending your bid by ‘buying’ it. Then he’ll send you fake Paypal emails telling you he paid it, when Paypal clearly says he had not. Then I have to relist it again! Now it’s on the second time. Someone bought my laptop again, and a few minutes later got suspended!

I suspect he’s a con artist too, but out of hope, I sent him an email explaining that he could still get the laptop provided he pays me. I have his address and everything, and I’m sincerely hoping he’s the real thing.

If not, I’m going to have to sell the unit another way… and before the month of December.

EBay, has it ever been any good? never liked it, never trusted it, and probably, never shall.

I’ve never had problems with Ebay.

Ebay is great!
That is where I got my cool necklace :smiley:

I also got this great Banana hammock there! ^^^

Oh, I despise eBay. I’d rather sell stuff through a low-key type site that sells only certain types of merchandise. Like a site I belong to that lists only guitar equipment. You can buy or sell stuff, just like eBay, but its specialized to your kind of product. The people on there tend to be a little more real, albeit honest.

I can’t guarantee you won’t get screwed, but there’s less of a chance.

So do some research on the web for a place that buys/sells/trades only electronics. Or better yet, just computers. Or even better, just laptops. And after you find some places, check out the profiles of some of the people that frequent those sites, and see if they’re located pretty close to each other. Maybe you can find a tight community near you that visits one of these sites regularly.

Or, you can just pawn it. But I don’t suggest that…

i sell happiness on ebay

look at what i bought on ebay



As many links to barely-related items as you post per day, I would almost consider you a spammer.

no, i normaly dont do this, but im in that mood today.

Oh, well try not to let it go on too long…

yeah its already dying out for me, was fun while it lasted.

Well, it turns out the second guy was the first guy. I’ll never sell anything on eBay again…

If you want a laptop, let me know. It’s got 1 gig of ram, 120gb of hard disk space, and dual AMD Turion cores.

It runs Blender great in Linux. But if you’re married to Windows, you must do this to get any real use out of it.

Surely there are many other means to sell your laptop. I’ve sold lots of stuff simply via the classifieds section in local newspapers, and online.
Recently I sold some old building materials using gumtree. I don’t know if they are in your area too, but I’m sure there will be some sort of classifieds near you.

hmm… well, we here in Estonia have a site/forum ‘hinnavaatlus’(‘price watch’?) where we buy/sell/trade our hardware(well theres also generally talk about hardware, etc.), theres a proper comments system on each users page so we can determine who can be trusted there, etc. and thats the most trust worthy place to buy/sell stuff at, you should check if theres such an internet community, thats specially geared towards your region, perhaps(though i doubt it, if you don’t already know of such a place). ehh, thats the only idea i have right now…

I never had any problems on ebay and i bought quite a lot : (washing machine, CDs, sofa, 24" monitor, even my car !!)
I havn’t sold much though…
I always give much importance to a good mail exchange before i buy something.
Sorry for what happend to you: can’t you send a complaint to the bosses ?

Thoses people should be banned…

Yeah man. eBay is where it’s at. You’re missin a good party. Last night this dude was like, “Hey man. Wanna buy some Macaroni and Cheese?” I’m no fool so I checked the local grocery store prices ONLINE and realised he was selling it for 15cents less! So I snapped up that bargain faster than you can say RIPOFF. But then realized he hit me up for like $50 postage. So… probably not the best eBay partay I’ve been to. But man! Ya gotta have a go right? Jump in!

you should know you cant buy macaroni and cheese already togheter its not possible, to good to be true!

maybe you should try specialty websites, those usally work better.

hey i heard valarking might be banned for a while, i hope AllTaken wasnt serious…