Game Development

Hello I am Bonechilla from echoCore
I don’t mean any disrespect posting on this forum; however, I’ve recently created a site and forum dedicated to brining 3D artists and programmers together. As a programmer i am aware of the importance of 3D artists to a Game Project and so I have decided to create a website where artists of various crafts including programmers, 3D artist, song composers and FX artists can come together and create project groups to collaborate with members of thier projects and find new members on the forums. It is nothing really like the forums here in which the focus is 3D art focused around Blender, instead it is focused on helping start game projects and recruiting new members, I have recognized many dazzling models on these forums so I decided to post here today June 14, 2010

right now their are few members but i know a lot of programmers with different projects who are planning to join soon in order to find some help for their projects, however any artist can begin a game project whether programmer or 3D artist, their are even others who cannot program, model or compose music but can only manage and they have created great game projects after finding help for their vision.
The website is HERE


Good stuff! I’ll go there at some stage!

okay cool i am also giving subdomains to projects that are mature enough as well as pages for projects which are reasonably well into development, for projects that request it.