I sculpted this creature for fun and I think I will do retopology before I add finer details using multires.
But I do not know that much about reptiles and their anatomy, maybe u have some useful tips?

Looking good. You have a good base to go off of there. Reptiles are kind of hard to get good reference images of in one picture. For me I just collect as many images as I can then go from there. Main thing to look at being they are not going to be the same exact reptile in all the photos is the similarities between them. Also might do a google search for lizard anatomy and physiology and look at the images provided. There they will have the skeleton breakdown and muscular structures.

Lol after I did 80% of retopology I just realized that it also is a good idea to look at photoscanned reptiles on sketchfab!
But I think that I still can use the low poli model, I will just adjust some proportions!

Retopology done! Still a long way to go!

It opened its mouth! Looks pretty empty so far, maybe the whole base model will be finished tomorrow! Today is for CRYSIS 2,)
Btw I was planning to do a “crystal lizard”, because I like the “crystal turtel”! Let’s see!
Maybe I will enter the fantasy competition with my lizard, maybe, if I make it in time and the other competitors do not submit too much awesome stuff.

Base finished! Do you see any problems with the proportions?
The next step will take some time! Any suggestions regarding the base model?

Looking good, only thing that comes to mind is the tail. If its going to be gecko like then I think its fine but most regular lizards the tails are a bit more sharp at the end whereas gecko’s typically are thick and kind of stubby. So if you are looking for the gecko look I think it looks fine to me. Now time for details and texturing. Keep with it, making good progress.