Ecks and Alltaken 24 hour challenge (GO VOTE)

The voting has begun people, please go vote for your favorite plane over at Blender Battles.

thanks for watching, we really loved the community getting behind it.

over the next 24 hours enjoy this thread as the WIP’s evolve.

we won’t say whos is who’s but one is mine and one is Eck’s it will stay that way throughout the posting.


No sleep in 24 hours then? %|

Nice looking start guys. Some style things that I can see that make them a bit distinguishable for each of you.

Nope. :wink: They have no lives at all. All they can do is bitch and complain about each other and to each other. They may as well get married. :stuck_out_tongue:


who need sleep anyway?

and…I did ask alltaken to get married…apparently he loved another guy…life is sad :frowning:


Update time guys!

Looks great so far.

hops up and down

oh, right, modeling contest…

looks great guys…

hops up and down


both look excellent, i have a feeling i know whos is whos…hmmmm anyone want to make a bet…and loose…

place your bets here;
i bet $1,000,000 fake dollars that
winged jet = ecks
hellocopter jet = alltaken

anyway i think i see some robertt influence in the first winged jet, but not sure how you will set a propeller in that one to make it fit in with the overall design, but so far it look awsome!

it would be cool if this thread was made a sticky untill it is completed…

Those both look awesome. I think I’ll stick with Wu. Throw another 764,000 fake dollars in the pot, Wu.

P.S. Can I borrow 764,000 fake dollars?

Another set of updates.

I’ll bet against you Wu! the winged jet is Alltaken’s the helicopter is Ecks… unless they are mimicking each others style on purpose…

This is soo cool. Can’t wait til they are finished. You should use these WIP seccions to create tutorials as well. Kill 2 birds with one stone, and contributing to world peace.

wow these things looks great.

i also bet against Wu.

Betting against Wu also… winged: Alltaken, heli: Ecks

they both look cooooool

ahhhh exciting!

its like taking candy from a baby, the only rule with these bets is that when you loose to me there is no crying allowed.

im not sure how to work out the fake money bets, so we can just make two teams:

the red team (future winners)
beleives winged jet = ecks…hellocopter jet = alltaken
this team is

the blue team (future loosers)
beleives winged jet = alltaken…hellocopter jet = ecks
this team is

also if you guys (alltaken and ecks) could post the remaining time with the progress renders that would be cool.

Im favouring the ‘Is it a bird ,is it a plane’ model so far , there both coming along nicely tho , what time is the 24 hrs up. Looking out for next update.

update time!

Sweet work. I think I’m going to have to go blue team.