This is the public release of work in progress futuristic racer called Ecksdee. It is made using CS/CEL with all the artwork and content having been made in blender using blender2crystal.

Video for people to lazy to download :stuck_out_tongue:

Download source, linux and windows binaries

There are very few tracks and ships because its a very early work in progress, but we are actively looking for artists (especially blender ones!) and have a whole toolchain setup using blender2crystal to facilitate easier content creation. We encourage you to take a look at

Come on and help the OSS desktop reach its potential! More artists need to get involved with OSS! :slight_smile: Feel free to come onto #ecksdee or #crystalspace-arts on and idle/ask any questions.


The screenshots look nice! downloads


I don’t have direct rendering working on my system at the moment (yep, i do all my blender stuff without 3d acceleration for the moment), but I did download that video.

I’m very impressed. That whole city and track you created is a piece of art in itself.

I hope more gets done with this.

have you considered submitting this to

Impressive. This may be the wrong forum, though.

Yeah, you should put this in the WIP forum, because that’s were people will post their art for you and stuff.

If a moderator thinks its more appropriate would they mind moving it there? :slight_smile:

How fast of a machine do you need to run this, right now? And how fast a computer are you aiming for?

$ ./ecksdee
./ecksdee: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I get this error when I try to run it in Linux. Can you upload “” ?

I’m not sure it belong in the WIP forums, also not GE…
Me dreams of a Game Project forum :slight_smile:

You need to install the nvidia cg toolkit (nvidia-cg-toolkit under gentoo).

For anyone interested, it is easy to make levels and ships using blender2crystal (for the uninclined watch the blender conference video where I also presentated a preview of ecksdee ;)), and is a nice way to learn about games modelling (which has some drastic differences to typical cg modelling). Take a look at the artist documentation section of our site.</callforhelp>


Well since its a game using a physics engine that puts a big strain on the processor, so processor heavy effects had to be taken out (like foliage display). Graphics really has little constraints though to be honest.

The computer I use to develop on is 1.73 GHz and GeForce Go 6200 … Not exactly top of the range.

The game crashed after pressing the space bar a few times… (geForce4 MX, Athlon 2800+, WinXP). It runs at a good speed, but I haven’t gotten very far in it.

EDIT: Nevermind. It works okay now.

There’s this in the CFG file:

Ecksdee.Physics.StepTime = 0.003
;Ecksdee.Physics.StepTime = 0.0005

Is this the resolution for the physics?

I want to play the Ciy level, but my computer is just not fast enough. But, I’ll bet that when you start working on it more it’ll get a lot faster.

1.1Ghz 512MB Geforce2 GTS/Pro 32MB

Yep thats the physics resolution. Higher is better. The problem is that physics is very cpu heavy and most racing games use unrealistic faked physics which is why PPU cards are coming to the market too. Its a difficult problem but new cs physics apis are being made and such.

btw, using ‘sh’ should make it work actually- I just found out it shouldn’t be neccessary from the person who packaged it.

Moved as requested.

Nice work too.


Do you still have this problem?