"Eclipse" constraint?

I want to make an object constrained such that it is always between another object and the camera. In other words, I want the constrained object to eclipse another object in relation to the camera, and always be eclipsing it no matter where the eclipsed object moves. I would think one of the constraints would do this, but I’m not sure which and how. Anyone know?

I would do it like this:

Move the Root bone to move the camera.

Move the IK-Target bone to move the cube.

Camera stays pointing at the cube, sphere stays in the path to the cube at a constant distance from the cube. :yes:

here’s the blend file:

eclipse.blend (516 KB)

Cheers, Clock. :slight_smile:

PS You might want to shrink the sphere a little if you are in camera view, it totally obscures the cube as it is!

Damnit I have to learn rigging now.

Thanks clockmender!

Guess you’re right there!

Just ask here if you get any problems.

Cheers, Clock.