Eclipse Game log

Hello to all who may be reading this, this is day one of development of a game i will be making

Story line:

The game takes place in the year 2354. The earth has become inihabitable from nuclear war as result a group of 175,000 humans traveled in a ship called Domum Ventio. After 100 Years of traveling they traveled to a distant galaxy know as Atrum and were awoken from cryo to begin colonization on a planet 6th from is star, a red giant, the planet had 4 large body's of fresh water and 7 distinctive body's of land. The planet was know as Novo Mundo. After 1000 Years of developmen the colonist began the realize that their population was becoming to large for the planet and began to build Factory in orbit that would build star ships. After 2 years the first Star Ship was Built and 25,000 colonist traveled to a close planet that had many similarity's know as Duobus and three months later a second Star ship was built and traveled to a close planet know as Tribus, these planets were later referred to as the Triog. After 300 years with the planets flourshing the capital Novo mundo build space stations in orbit of the planets allowing anyone with the money to buy a small Space ship and travel to the other planets. After 500 years the Triog expanded to further solar systems and build warp gates that manipulated wormholes to allow smaller space ships to go between them. At this point in time it because easy for anyone to learn how to build the space ships and fly out and their own and discover new planets.

Please leave a comment telling me what you think about what i have for the intro story and any ideas you may have.

Now allow me to tell you a little about myself. I have been modeling in blender since the 2.49 release only playing around in the game engine every now and then but never anything serious, i also know almost nothing about scripting it’s one of the things that i have tried to learn but just can’t no matter how hard i try.

Q: Why a Space game?
A: I choose to do a space game because it has always been one of those subject i was very interested in and space is one of the things i know the most about.

Q: If you have been using blender for so long why do you choose now to make a game?
A: I feel that the BGE is finally up to the task, before the 2.7 update it was very hard to make something look very good but not kill your computer in the progress, with the LOD system i can now make the near object be high poly and the further objects be low poly