Eclipse pydev and blender

i configure pydev with eclipse and i want to write blender’s script on pydev, but i don’t know how to import bpy library.
can you help me please?

This page may help.
(“ (223 KB): autocompletion files for the most Blender API classes, and the script, which generates them;”)

Another solution is to compile Blender as a python module.

Is this still the best way to go about it? I’m at that point where I’m comfy enough in Blender coding that I want a separate IDE, and my gut feeling was that the API file would need something more continuously up-to-date or maintained by the BF. Witold’s book is amazing and exactly what I need right now, but it was written back in 2.57.

I was really hoping for some improvements to the text editor in 2.8…it is by no means as good as a stand alone IDE, but I could see how it could be very useful for development inside the blender UI for creating and testing addons and such…at a minimum it needs collapsible functions, auto complete and tabs…if it just had those I would be content…sorry if this is somewhat off topic.

Blender text editor , is what the titles says

a Text Editor

as such is completely unsuitable for serious Blender Python development , its meant to be used to make the first steps in Blender Python and to quickly text snippets of code.

Its no where as good or related to an IDE as its has no IDE features whatsoever apart from some basic syntax highlighting and some limited API navigation.

PyCharm is a great python IDE.