Eclipse Seasons Animation

Hi Friends,

Made this with cycles and even added some narration to boot!

Feel free to pick it apart.

Here are a few comments about it:

  1. You could have done everything in blender render and put everything to shadeless for speed. It would look almost identical to what you have now.
  2. Why not some compositing? What about a little motion blur, some glow to the lines, and a glare from the sun? Furthermore, stars would make the zenith look much more interesting.

Great animating.

Thanks for the tips Wolfgrange. I never even thought about using the internal renderer. Ever since cycles came out I tend to have a one track mind. I need to go back to the roots more often.

As for the compositing, I work for a university and make these astronomy animations for people. I find educators like things simple and less flashy as to not draw away from learning. I totally agree with you though. Motion blur and some glow would be a nice touch. I should do a render for myself that is a little more fun and less bland!

Thanks for the critiques I will go have some fun.


OK, now that I know the audience, your correct, that would not be ideal.