(PILER) #1

A car i made a few days ago, took about 5 hours - its my first car with seats =(), and with modeled headlights instead of textures, let me know what you think


(iluvblender) #2


Its awesome. I’d love to see it in black. :smiley:

You must have used Nurbs right?



(PILER) #3

Nurbs? Nope all plain old poly-modeling(subsurfed), i still havent tried modeling anything with nurbs yet.

(digitalSlav) #4

F&F material here 8)
i would as something even a simple box under the car so you can’t see straight through the wheels and then you’ll be smokin

(blengine) #5

that sucks! that has to be the worst thing ive ever seen…why dont u just quit?.. well, im glad yer in this community so whenever we feel down we can say, “well, at least im better than piler right?”…thanks fer being there to comfort beginners…
5 hours? cmon…u make me sick…

(harkyman) #6

I agree - you obviously suck. I particularly hate the way that you show all the different views with the stooopid wireframe overlayed.

I don’t see how you guys who model cars like this can even look at yourselves in the morning.

(PILER) #7

LMAO! :frowning: hehe

(jorx) #8

I thought the modeling was pretty good. I’m not that great at modeling.
(Working on it)
It would be nice to try adding an env map.

(PILER) #9

It does have an env map(fake one) since there is no scene for it to reflect.

(S68) #10


I would suggest adding brakes and some mechanics to the weel, so you dont see through them!


(VelikM) #11

Thats really impressive, nice job of modeling.

(Turrin) #12

Dang it, I hate being at home without a T1 connection…things are so much slower here than at school. Oh well.

Nice job on the car. I like the mesh effect in a few of the pictures. Good work.


(stephen2002) #13

not bad, but it looks like there is some sub-surf pinching and general bumpiness around the lights.

overall, modeling is usually not a “speed” thing. Saying “I did this in 5 hours” dosn’t help much. It could use some more work. I see some odd indents around the door and the hood (where they meet) and some brakes would be nice.

It looks like the car has some seats, but no interior other than that. Personally, I like tinted windows :stuck_out_tongue: