Eco-minimalism design

My latest project that i did for studio. All rendered with luxcore.

More images at my artstation


Nice project. renders i like more are 1,4,9.
Btw how much time per renders on what kind of hardware ?

3-5 hours in general. on ryzen 7-2700

wow, that’s amazing. Congrats for a job well done.

Thank you) that was a quite challenging)

3 to 5 hours on Ryzen 2700 that is a lot. look like you have wrong settings. Normally you shouldn’t exceed 30mn for this kind of renders.

Hmm. What settings i need to tweak? Cache?

Let me see your current cache settings and Clamping value.

Here it is

It look correct. only the Clamping value of 100 look very high to me( never need to exceed 10 in most project). But i don’t know your light configuration so it is hard to tell without the file( light improtance can play something here). Also you must not use high poly mesh as emissive object just in cases you don’t mind(2 triangles is enough)
besides that your scene is mainly lit by meshlight wich is more viable with direct light sampling cache.
i will uncheck Env light cache if there is very little HDRi light contribution.
This is 150 sec per frame on 2060 super :

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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