Economical style...

Trying to come up with a fairly simple style, so that creating a short by myself won’t take the rest of my life…

The background only took a couple of hours (The city was made with the suicidator plugin), and the girl has been a few days, but when she’s done, she should be quickly customizable into a wide variety of characters. As soon as she’s done, I’ll be starting on her male counterpart.

Are there any glaring issues, or is this style aesthetically acceptable?

Bear in mind I’m still working out the weighting on her bikini, and her hair and face aren’t rigged. I’ll probably wind up redoing her hair texture before I’m done, too.

My main concern is that people might see the simple style and find it amateurish.

I think the design is good. I would work on the joints. The elbow and wrist don’t seem to deform properly. Tweak the skinning or use morph targets. Maybe taper the fingertips a little. There’s a slight barbie doll feel to the lower arms and hands. The level of simplification, or cartooniness, or “economical style” in itself isn’t an issue for me. I think you’ve hit a nice balance. It won’t seem amateurish if other production values are high, such as lighting, story, direction, and especially acting.

I think the style of the girl is great, the palm trees and buildings fit with the same style I think.

The realism of the water, deck chairs, and to a certain extent the tube thing in my mind detracts from your style. You could easily make all that more cartoonish (and easier to render), while making your style more cohesive at the same time.

I think on the tube thing, the ray transp needs to be set for a higher depth. the water needs work. other than those things, it looks pretty good except for the sky is kind of plain. oh yeah, and the swimsuit material is questionable.

Generally looks ok. I want to see cloud in the sky though. That may change the character of the scene depending on the type of cloud you use.

Now if this is LA with no cloud, scenery colors need to be more pastel. Use Richard Diebenkorn color pallet:

I think style-wise the modeling looks great, it’s the texturing/lighting that looks a bit dated. Don’t use procedurals where it’s obvious, like the bikini- it would be better off with a flat color with a hint of texture. Also I would run it through the compositor to add some extra color style and DOF/mist and haze to the city. Also, switch to cycles and see how it looks, I bet it’s a bit nicer :slight_smile:

With this style, the success of your short will depend on your animation and storytelling skills (staging, composition, editing etc). It’s actually a pretty challenging style - the realistic anatomy means you must match it with realistic (maybe exaggerated - but very “grounded”) animation, and the semi-realistic rendering means you don’t have much leeway with bad deformations or intersecting geometry.
I think it’s a good place to start, as you have to face those challenges head-on (and soon, rather than after a year of pre-production), but “the easy path” it’s not:)

I think you should have much more distinctive lighting, though. To me, this doesn’t even convey the basic feeling of a sunny warm environment. If you find a way to light it that just feels NICE, that’s a huge jump in general quality.