Ecos (echoes) - music video (source files uploaded)

Dear community, i like to share with you my last experimental work, it’s made with real footage + a 3d caleidoscope; with music from Darío Pagliaricci / Aves raras. I hope you enjoy it.

nice and good life.

Thanks! :eyebrowlift:

Source files uploaded.

just bumpin. :wink: I want some feedback, if possible.

Thank you for sharing your brilliant idea!
It was “mesmerizing” to look at the rotating images for more than 2 min. but you made your point very loud and clear. :]

yeah, i know. I saw it five times… but i can’t leave. :wink:
I’ve done some different caleidoscopes, actually they’re easier than in the real life, with 4, 5 and up to 15 faces. They made lots of different kind of images, amazing. Maybe i’ll upload a set of them; by now i’m testing some rigs to animate easier. More experiments to come, i think.

i’m trying a rigged caleidoscope, soon i hope it’ll be on blendswap.

just bumping, for anyone who doesn’t see this. Sorry for that. :slight_smile:

This is very interesting. I really like the idea, kind of hipnotizing stuff :wink: Well done.

thanks a lot!