ED Production Files?

All of the links on the Elephant’s Dream website that are supposed to link to downloads of the production files are dead.

Does anyone know where one might be able to still get their hands on them?

Any guidance much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

It looks to me like the files are still downloadable from here, but you have to download them bit by bit (the “Disk 1 Germany” and “Disk 2 Germany” links), as the link to the entire set is broken:


They are also available on the DVD of Elephants Dream, and they are also included on the DVD that accompanies the book in my signature, both of which you can buy from the Blender Foundation, which helps support the development of Blender.

The files are of course free, but I think there is about 7 gigs worth of material, so downloading them little by little (or even in a lump) is not necessarily going to be a quick and easy thing. Somebody may have made them available on bittorrent somewhere, but I don’t know about that.

I didn’t even think to check the German link… how anlgocentric of me.

Thanks a bunch!

I made zip/tar.gz files for the relevant directories. For example you can download the directory
download.blender.org/ED/DVD2/production/lib/actions completely in the file actions.zip or actions.tar.gz.

Okay, last question about this, I swear (although it’s a n00b question, I hope someone will help a brother out).

I’ve got the proog .blend, and I’m attempting to modify the model, but no matter how I move the vertices in Edit mode, in Object mode the character looks exactly as if no changes have been made, and if rendered none of the changes appear, either. If I go back into Edit mode, though, there is the character mesh just the way I deformed it. Is there some simple button I need to press in order to have the changes I make to the mesh in Edit mode actually “take”?

The board has been patient and helpful so far: I hope that you’ll assist me with figuring this out as well, and I can leave you all to your more advanced exercises.

Thanks again in advance.

Proog’s face has shapekeys defined, whose influences values are controlled by IPO drivers (using bones of the armature as their drivers/controls).

For that reason, if you want to modify it (i.e. reshape it a bit), you’ll need to either:

  • edit the ‘Base’ shapekey and propogate all changes to all other shapekeys (WKEY->Proprogate to All Shapes or similiar in Editmode)
  • add a new shapekey based on the ‘Base’, make your changes, then make sure the infleunce is 1.


Much obliged!