Eden: MMORPG space game

Thought this may interest some blenderheads, is a 2d game but features some graphics made in blender. It is an MMORPG space game where most of the ships and station will be made in blender. Thought some of you may be interested in getting involved and if your interested see your graphics featured in a game. Or just provide some ideas etc.
The game is in quick development currently new beta’s out regularly and a blossoming forum. Check out the site - Edenofficial.com
Heres a little screeny - http://edenofficial.com/site/images/morfeoshow/gameplay-4147/big/screen12.png
Beta’s and video are particularly fabulous so check them out.
Peace and some love.

No Linux version yet?

Checked it out.
Pretty impressive. Love the graphics style. It motivates me to start working more on my next game.

I’ll certainly be following this MMORPG as it develops.

The ship models are actually made in blender. We’re looking for more artists at the moment too. Let us know on the forums if your interested :slight_smile:

And i’m afraid we have no immediate plans for a linux version :frowning: It may run through wine though, I haven’t yet tested it

It’s quite neat - there’s also an anime comic called Eden - It’s an endless world. You may want to check that out. The storylines good, though a bit violent, but that’s nothing new in that genre.

good work. If you improve the ship textures it will look alot better

sorry… MMORPGs suck… i don’t know why the world is so obsessed about them…

nevertheless, from the screenshot, it looks like there is some good artwork…

good luck…

You know, this thread has been inactive for a year, the whole project seems pretty much dead, the admin hasn’t been active since last april and the forums are full of spambots posting porn stuff and etc.