Edenites' Castle

Blender + a little Photoshop, but I’m not quite done, yet.
Still a novice, though. This is my second seascape, but my first cliff/beach. Any advice on how I should do the sand? UV mapping? Photoshop?
Crits and Comments more than welcome.


That’s great job for a noob. If you look at the cliff you that the texture is stretched, to fix this go into materials, map input, and choose another option, I think cube will work.

You don’t have to UV-map or photoshop, you can use an ordinary texture. Just google for “Sand texture.”

Thanks. 8)

I’m going to try to make a transition from wet sand to dry sand to show that the tide comes in just a little further than it is shown now, I have a pretty goo d idea of how to do that, though.

As for that cliff. Well, I kinda left that there because, unless you’re paying close attention to it, I think it gives the illusion of some detail to the cliffside. I’d like to know how to make it look a little better, though, so maybe I’ll add just a little light to the cliff side, get rid of the stretch, and find a texture that looks like a cliffside? Hmm. Not sure how well that will work, but I’ll give it a shot, only because its a really crude cliff model, and I don’t know how to model a very convincing cliff face. lol.

to me the ea is alittle to ‘smooth’ and a little shiny
here is a great tutorial on seascapes PDF

also the moon should be bigger and half hidden by the castle

other then these things great work

Update: Thanks for the ideas. 8)


Just a few more touches, and I’m about ready to call this one finished.

Great work :smiley: