Edge bending on meshes

I noticed an interesting technique of bending edges of a mesh when I watched an interesting presentation video of 3Dvia:

Can this be done in Blender without adding extra cuts to the edge and using proportional falloff on it? Perhaps I’m mistaken and what the video presents is a mesh consisting of connected cuves rather than vertices and edges…? This would be a nice feature in Blender - bending edges, it could be implemented similarly like crease or something…

edges are like a min line
and cannot be bend cause there are no vertex in between extremities

so you need to subdivide it to be able to bend it !

unless there is something new in blender ?

and not talking about bezier lines here!

happy 2.5

I think this video presents NURBS objects, not meshes. Blender has very basic NURBS functions and I hope it’s going to change in near future.

Yeah, kinda thought so. Thanks guys :eyebrowlift: