Edge bevel for curves question

Is it possible to bevel around the edge of a curve object?

Say I have a circular table that has a particular shaped edge, do I just make the bevel shape and set it as the tables bevel object?

The problem I’m having is even if the bezier shape is a perfect normal circle, as soon as I add a bevel object, the extrusion doesn’t work any more.

Am I going about this wrong or does the bevel feature not actually work in this way?

I am not sure if I understand your problem exactly, maybe a screenshot would help.

Have you tried Tag Bevel in edit mode?

Do you mean like this?

Thanks for the replies, I’ll try and explain a little better.

Here I have the object that I want to bevel the edge of. IE I would like the outer rim to be shaped by the bevel object to the right:

However when I apply the bevel, the original extrusion and solidity vanishes:

Note that this occurs even if the original shape is just one plain curve circle as well.

Is this sort of beveling possible with curves?