Edge Bevel Inaccuracies

Hey guys,

I’m noticing some oddities when beveling edges.

I’ve imported the results from Modo to compare but you can see the curve and edge placement are not consistent.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Did you apply scale (object scale)?


It happens on everything I create that isn’t just a cube.

Hi, welcome to BA.
What version of blender are you using?
Could you upload the first object here(or elsewhere), so I can see if I get the same results with blender vs modo. Curious to check this out!

I know that bevel is currently being worked on.

GSoC 2019: Custom Bevel Profiles - Blender Development / Summer of Code - Blender Developer Talk

GSoC 2019: Bevel Profiles Weekly Reports - Blender Development / Summer of Code - Blender Developer Talk

GSoC 2018 - Bevel Improvements - Blender Development - Blender Developer Talk


Looks like the profile is applied after the segments, so if you set the profile to 0.250 you get equidistant segments but then, of course, your profile is wrong.

I think this is related to another complaint people have been expressing lately – that the bevel profile is calculated by taking a superellipse 1/4 arc inscribed in a square, and then transforms it to the angle that is actually present on the model. I think the arcs were all equal length when inscribed in that quarter circle but the transformation process distorted them.

I’m adding this to reasons why I should investigate having the profile be the portion of the superellipse profile that is inscribed in the angle as it exists on the model. Unfortunately that would make existing models with bevel modifiers behave somewhat differently, but maybe that’s an ok breakage.


Looking forward to the updates.