Edge bevel problem


When I try to bevel edges in Blender, I get incorrect results. Bevelled edges are not paralel.
Just create a cube, select 3 edges around one of corners and try to bevel.
Here’s the result of Blender bevel.

And here’s the result of correct bevel (from Wings 3D)

You can see that blenders new edges are skewed.
Is there something wrong with Blender bevel or I just missed some settings?

Thank you

Ondrej Vencovsky

Try the bevel_round addon http://projects.blender.org/scm/viewvc.php/contrib/py/scripts/addons/mesh_bevel_round.py?root=bf-extensions&view=log

Yes, mesh_bevel_round works fine, at least with parallel edges.
But it has an error: once I set Offset to 0, addon reports “Zero division error” in python script. Non-fatal, but still the error.
I don’t know where to report the bug.
But thank you for your help.

Yes, for now it is recommended to use the Bevel Round addon because currently the Blender built-in Bevel feature is frankly bad in many ways.
But be warned that the Bevel Round addon is not perfect sadly, while most of the time it produces the desired geometry (that the built-in Bevel is unable to do), there are times in which the Bevel Round will just crash.

Fortunately, the bevel future is not as grim as it is currently in Blender, there was a GSOC project this year that managed to complete and will bring a working and good Bevel soon enough.

OK, I understand the status of Blender bevel now. I’ll be patient and waiting for the new bevel anytime soon.
Thanks for your help.