Edge Bevel Weight Question

I have added an edge bevel weight on my mesh, So I wouldn’t have to add more geometry and keep the mesh as clean as possible. Once I add a MatCap material on it, the corners are visible of some unclean mesh which is visible. If I add loop cuts it will clean up the topology, but it would also distort the object. So I’d like to know how to eliminate the unclean corners without adding more geometry to the mesh.

Thank you.

Hi. The easiest way I think to fix shading issue is that before extruding the face you inset it a little and then extrude. Then apply the edge bevel weight modifier.

That didn’t work, when I made a small inset, it made the edges more circular. So in order to square it out again, loop cuts are required.


Hope this helps.

My bad for the quality. Here it is

2020-04-04 12-05-29.mkv (4.9 MB)

Thanks for the demo clip Jon, was helpful.

Kind regards.

Actually I didn’t realize you wanted to use a subdivision modifier too. So here are the final steps
Select a face inset it and extrude it. Add bevel modifier with 2 or more segments and don’t chnge anything else. Then add a sud d modifier with 2 or more divisions.