Edge colours

If you want to view sharp edges, edge seams and creased edges, you can only view one at a time, so here’s a picture of how I think they could be displayed simultaneously (seam and sharp example):
What do you think?

Don’t like really it. I don’t see why you really need to display seams or sharp or crease or bevel weight together. Just display the one you are currently interested in. You have four different edge markers as well as currently selected edges and the active edge. With a multitude of combinations the display will be impossible to clearly interpret, a different combination of 5 or 6 colours per edges. With some of the current themes the visual difference between some edge colours are very small and the colour for crease and bevel weight varied depending on their value.

Well actually currently-selected and active edges are only displayed on the main central line, so the outer coloured lines wouldn’t get as crowded as you say. The reason I suggested this is for when you need to make sure certain edges have multiple properties together. For example, marking sharp edges on uv seams on meshes that will be normal mapped for various game engines. Checking them one by one isn’t very clear.

I can actually concur with this sentiment. In other apps, I generally have similar features turned on, though i do believe the indicator could be less eye jarring. It isnt the most used feature though, and often comes with a toggle under settings.

Either way, it wont make or break blender…it would be one of those options for convenience and ease.