Edge Contours or Inking

Hi everyone,
I try to figure out how I can make contours or inking on my rendered images. For simples objects like cubes, it’s simple because we can check the Edge option in post-processing. But for characters, this option just doesn’t work because there is no edges… my characters have skin material. I have made some test with the material “toon” mode, but I can’t get any contours, only shadows.

I know also that using Nodes could allow this kind of render but for now, I’m a blender beginner and expect to get a simple way to do contours.

thank you for your support !

Yeah, it’s possible with nodes, but there tends to be a lot of artifacts and missed edges. It really might be worth the wait for freestyle integration (though, from what I’ve seen of setting up freestyle, it makes nodes look downright easy).

Yea if you go to blendernpr.org they have a very good node setup for exactly what you are asking for.

Do Freestyle have a Beta installer for Blender?

Finally, I’ve found how to download the Freestyle integrated in an Blender pack from GRAPHICALL.ORG. I’ve download the Blender 2.6 + Freestyle 64bit, decompress it and started it.

I follow the instructions showed on http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/User:Flokkievids/Freestyle/Introduction

But when I activate the Freestyle panel, I’m getting only the Absolute and Relative options with line Thickness…

On instructions, it say to Add Freestyle Module but I can’t even see this option…

Again, thank you for your help!


well, still missing information… I go to the page but there is no Installation Instructions.

And the main reference is the same link as I go before.

Perhaps I don’t have the correct version of blender with Freestyle in it, but I’m pretty sure to have the correct one…

I’ll say it again, its easy to do this with nodes WITHOUT freestyle… BLENDERNPR.ORG

There are just too many ambiguous cases that are really hard to get the edges of with nodes. for example, if you have a plane slightly offset above another plane, often the edge between them will not be drawn. There just isn’t enough precision in the z-buffer. not to mention the z-buffer isn’t antialiased, so you have to render at pretty high resolutions for the edges to not look stairstepped.

Finally, I succesfully installed the Freestyle module, and it working! But it will take some time to find the correct settings. And for the Nodes, perhaps I will do a try later, even if it seems a bit complicated…

thank you all for your support!

Charblaze, the result is great with freestyle! do you have some starting indications to install and use the “cartoon.py” script?


ok thanks a lot for this info, I will check this out !

Hey bro, do you know when freestyle will be added to the official version of blender?