Edge Crease Remove?


How do I remove an Edge Crease?

Select the edge and hit ‘Shift-E’ to adjust the edge crease from the viewport, or adjust the ‘Mean Crease’ value under the ‘Transform’ tab in the Properties panel.

In Edit Mode, select your edges, then in the Properties panel (N-KEY in the 3D Window) look for the Transform parameter “Mean Crease.” No that doesn’t mean it’s unpleasant, just averaged :wink: Anyway, set that to zero to remove Crease from selected edges. Can also be used to adjust the crease effect.

PS. This insures zeroed crease. I always have difficulty doing that interactively with the special menu item mentioned.


I’m aware of your helpful tip… but I was wondering… how do I remove it… as to say I want the segment to be with no crease (so it’s no longer purple)?

What I’ve done, is I hit Shift+E, and then I drag until I’m on top of the line (where it turns white) and then the purple goes away. But… in the Edge Crease area in the Tool Shelf it says “Factor: .09”. Does that mean the crease is still there? And just made it less obvious? Thought maybe there was a “Remove Crease”.


Sorry just read your post. Yes, you are right! Awesome. I would have never looked in that place, I was looking in the Tool Shelf.


If you set an edge crease factor of -1 you can remove existing creases. Setting crease through the keyboard works in an additive way: you’re adding values to the existing ones. So to remove a crease factor of 1.0 you have to add -1 (that is, performing a subtraction).