"Edge Crease" values: where are they stored?

Where are the Edge Crease values stored?

Can they be accessed?


While in Edit Mode in the 3D viewport, hit N and look under “Item” it should be under Edge Data.

Make sure you have the edge(s) you want to adjust selected.

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Thanks! --I’m a little surprised it’s not in the Object Data Properties tab.

Is there a way to get a LIST of the selected edges that display Edge Crease values? It seems that the Item display is an average/mean of all selected Edges.

One-by-one examination seems painful.


I’m not sure if there is a feature for that, but it seems like something that should be possible with a script, but I haven’t written code in years. Maybe someone else here would be willing to write up a script for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess you refer to Maya’s crease group feature, but unfortunately they are not yet in Blender. I hope we get a similar overview when the OpenSubdiv systems leave the experimental state.

I was thinking more of Lightwaves weight lists.