edge creasing artefacts

hi :slight_smile:

i am modelling a printer and as it has mostly sharp edges(but not that sharp) i subsurfed it and creased all of the edges.
strangely, those artefacts(see screenshot) started to appear and i dont know how to remove them.i tried to smooth the whole object and then the artefacts disappeared but it started to look… just not the way it should.


is there a way to remove the artefacts or if anybody knows another way of modelling such real-life objects… i.e. not as simple as dice, but for example - printers :smiley: (i.e. lots of edges, some sharp some not) appreciated.

Try recalculating the normals with CTRL+N.

same result. :confused:

Try WKEY and Remove Doubles.


It’s because ur haveing a smooth on a 90 degrees angel… try using auto smooth

says “removed 0 vertices.” and renders the same


@mariolink, how to turn on auto-smooth?

if you mean the “smooth” button in the edit/mesh tools section i have tried it and yes, the artifacts disappear but the mesh starts to look wrong.

Okay, if none of the already mentioned tricks don’t help, it might be a good idea to upload the .blend file - to me it looks like wrong normals or the lack of autosmooth but I’m not really sure.

Oh, @Autosmoothing: Link and Materials tab -> enable “Set Smooth”
Mesh tab -> enable “Autosmooth” - the default settings should work out well.

Either way, what I wanted to say is that the creases you’ve used make the whole model looking very strange meaning not smooth. Maybe that’s the way the printer looks but I doubt it. Don’t forget that you can adjust the egde sharpness by adding loop cuts, too, which often work better than creasing (for me, at least).
Another suggestion would be not to use subsurfing - if you add bevels to the edges, it might be enough to get the desired look.

thanks, thanks, thanks!!!
“auto smooth” was right under my nose :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks again guys!

@Myke, i tried with loop cuts too, but many new faces get created that way… i am not sure if its okay.
thanks anyway!
(yeah the model really looks strange because i have used the smooth button several times… tried the effect.)

i dont want to start another thread.
hope someone sees this.

Is there a way to remodel the mesh with less faces and without edge creasing?


Quick Cheat:
In object mode ALTC to convert to mesh.
Then use a Decimate modifier on it and drop the Ratio down to .4 to .5 or whatever gives you the best shape with the least faces, Apply it and you should be all set.