Edge Detection dilemma

Hey ya’ll. I got this problem that I hope someone can help me out with. I am trying to texture a rusty metal iron gate with scratches etc. I then need to export this object into UE4, which means the object needs to be UV mapped. I had made the gungy like iron gate, by following a video tutorial on Youtube discussing about adding procedural edge scratches onto a model using edge detection. The video demonstrates to start with a base texture by using a dull metal texture and needs to be box projected, so that it can project the texture repeatedly around the 3 axis of the geometry’s bounding box. The edge detection is calculated by using the fakeAO add-on and a dirty vertex color. Putting this all together in Cycles renderer, works perfectly fine. However, when trying to bake the the texture, it comes out very blurry, even with 4096x4096 image. I am assuming the root cause has to do with the original texture being set to a repeatable box projection, but my UV map has too many UV’s that need to be mapped into the 0-1 texture space. Furthermore I cannot bake an ambient occlusion because there are no crevices to bake shadows into the AO map. Therefore, the hole thing bakes out completely white. Does anyone have a solution for this or a possible work around? I need the solution to work for compatibility purposes of exporting the final object into UE4.