Edge Extrude Inset question

Can Blender do this? It’s an edge inset type function.


Yes, with the bevel tool. In edit mode select the edge and hit ctrl B, in the pop up dialogue (bottom left) set the shape to 1, segments to 2 and play with the width value.

Or in edit mode select the bevel tool as the active tool set the segments to 2 and the shape to 1 in the tool options at the top, select the edge/loop you want to bevel and use the mouse to adjust the width (click and drag)

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Ah, that’s what I was missing, the Shape being 1, thank you!

Interesting… never bothered about the extraparameters expect segments (with mousewheel) and using the direct Key-shortcut… also interesting Shapes is called Profile while using shortcut (in the “staus line”)…!?

I often use the bevel modifier with shape to 1 to add support loops with a subdivision afterwards.
Yea… lazy support loops! :rofl:

You can also use offset edge slide CTRL-SHIFT-R

and E for even.

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