Edge/Extruding Problem

Hey there
I’m relatively new to blender and am working on project.
Ive created a boat so far and have come to a problem. The Rail or barrier on the deck is only 2d. (no thickness) I am unsure as how to go about giving this a thickness. I tried extruding but it creates empty faces on the opposite way to which i extruded. (ie if extrude inwards on the boat, you can see into the wall from the outside.)
heres a image of the wall.

Any ideas on how to give it some thickness? or do I have to remake the wall :frowning:

Ps. I’m assuming the way i’ve modelled certain faces are hideous? I’ve done modelling for the source engine(game engine) and it hated wierd faces that intersect. Will this make a big deal in rendering within blender? or was it just that engine that freaked out at it.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi nossie, you could alwyas use the Solidfy Modifier to give thickness. There’s also Inset Extrude Script available, that Extrudes along the normals. :wink:

I’m currently on my second boat model and suggest the use of mirror modifier (which you used), subsurf and solidify. You also might like to consider modeling the wall, duplicating the top-most edge loop, splitting it into its own object, increase the thickness on the solidify and then after applying solidify on both (rump and rail) rejoin it.

It looks like part of the railing is extruded directly from the boat (close to the camera), and some is separate parts? Extruding edges from surfaces is seldom a good idea.

It doesn’t necessarily affect rendering, but… all sorts of stuff just works better if you avoid that situation.
That’s actually exactly why your extruded rail becomes “empty”. If you do the same with a “free-floating” railing, extruding would work fine.
So if that’s what you mean by intersections, you’re right.

If you mean overlapping geometry in general (the mast and internal railing), I wouldn’t worry about it.

About Solidify - it’s mostly known as a Modifier, but it’s also available as a mesh editing tool under the ctrl+F-menu. If you really want to stick with the non-manifold railing, that would actually work like you expected the Extrude to work. But it comes highly unrecommended!

To separate the railing from the boat, I don’t know if there’s a smoother way than separating it into a nother model § and joining it again (ctrl J). Or duplicating the faces, then deleting the originals.

Right, Will look into the solidify modifer. Is the inset extrude script roughly the same thing? and it seems a bit more advanced from what i found on google.

Yup using a mirror, got the subsurf but turned it off due to lower performance :P. Sorry to ask what is the “top most edge loop”? just the top line of vertices? or the top part that i already selected? Also is it recommenended to split it or can I just use the vertex group option within the Solidify modifer for the whole object? I assume its just easier to split it and work individually.

-Confused by that wording… When maknig the curved section of the rail i did mess up the original hull I had. I attempted to merge the two. I probably missed merging a few from the rail to the hull, is that where you talking about? Could that tutorial explain why i sometimes get some weird colouring when i do a render preview?. like between the two faces the shading messes up.

-So overlapping geometry is fine? sweet hehe.

-So i should fix all these non manifold errors? before i go ahead with the modifier?

Thankyou for all the help :slight_smile:

With top most edge loop I meant all the topmost vertices (" the top line of vertices"). My reasoning behind the splitting is the fact, that the hull is made up by planks while the rail is a wood beam witch is thicker than the hull. Modifiers are applied to the object as a whole. The alternative would be to apply the Solidify modifier on the hull and then add the rail. However I prefer to keep my modifiers unapplied as long as possible as it keeps my options open.
Important is also the order of the modifiers: Mirror, Solidify, Subserf

Oh right! thanks for clearing that up.

done some modifications and I got these shots. Been fiddling around with lighting and discovered UV mapping which looks wonderful but confusing :slight_smile: Do you guys have any guides or tutorials that you would recommend on the different ways of texturing and lighting a scene?

Thanks again! :slight_smile: